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Champagne Lies and Vineyard Secrets, my two recent mystery novels combine my love of travel with writing. Both set in San Francisco and in Italy, you can follow along as the characters in each find themselves in trouble and have no idea why. Along the way, people get killed, secrets get uncovered, things disappear, and surprises happen around every corner.


My children’s books, the Max and Myron series, teach children to read while teaching them a positive lesson at the same time. Max, a little boy, comes home from school each day to tell his cat, Myron, what he learned. Myron, in turn, tells Max what happened at home. Children learn how to be good citizens by reading what Max and Myron do in a variety of situations. Good manners and fun go hand in hand with these two characters. High frequency words, sentence structure exercises, and a vocabulary of new words assist parents and educators alike when they work with children and read these books.


As editor-in-chief of Prime Time Living Magazine, I work with the owner to offer pertinent information for our readership.


As wine, food, and travel editor for WEMagazine, I have a chance to showcase different wines and their nuances, food and wine pairings, and all sorts of travel tips and ideas.


On my blog, Travels and Escapes, you will find photos from places we visit both close to home and far away. I include the latest travel tips, up-to-date TSA information, product reviews, travel agendas, and so much more.


I am affiliated with the Bay Area Travel Writer Organization, a professional organization of travel writers and photographers.


As a travel contributor for Siouxland Magazine and others, sometimes I highlight cities…sometimes neighborhoods.


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In the meantime, you’ll find me writing, traveling to gather information for my travel guides, and researching wine, food, and travel. It’s a good life.

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